Fitnatics is a small business committed to support and work fairly with small entrepreneurs around the world. Our goal is to offer unique and creative items, and those are only made by people who are passionate about their ideas and ideals. For this reason, we are proud to introduce you to our partners:


   "My goal is to change people's perceptions of hydration packs so that they decide to use them every day. This way Twinkle Mountains can collaborate to reduce the usage of disposable plastic water bottles."  Maria Gabi Barreira, Twinkle Mountains founder                                                  

     Designer and entrepreneur Maria Gabi Barreira is the vibrant mind behind the Brazilian brand Twinkle Mountains. In 2018, she launched Twinkle Mountains brand thinking of offering fashionable and creative hydration packs that could become part of people's daily life, not only when practicing sports but also as a sustainable option to reduce plastic waste.

      Within a few months, Twinkle Mountains, the first Brazilian brand to design and produce hydration accessories, became increasingly recognized and one of the favorites among sports lovers, especially those who also care about the environment.

     Twinkle Mountains' exclusive design is creative and contemporary, and its products are made with high-quality and eco-friendly materials while being lightweight and comfortable for biking, running, hiking, and other sports.